Senior Systems programmer. Extensive experience in high-capacity, highly-available, concurrent networking systems. Networking experience includes Internet protocols, peer-to-peer protocols, IBM protocols, Telecom/SS7, and broadcast television. Graphics algorithms.


Iparelan Solutions, LLC (Saratoga Springs, NY) 2007-Present
Founder, Solutions Architect
  • Java-based enterprise systems programming project in broadcast television industry in conjunction with VaudioSoft (NDAs in effect)
  • Web design and web application work (PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS)
CommerceHub (Albany, NY) 2006-2007
Team Lead, Software Developer
Developed E-Commerce transaction processing system (Java/SQL Server)
RateIntegration, Inc. (Research Triangle Park, NC) 2000-2002
Software Developer, Database Administrator, QA Lead, Systems/Network Administrator (Java/Oracle/Linux/Solaris/AIX/Windows)
Developed network utilization rating software
Cisco Systems (Research Triangle Park, NC) 1998-2000
Software Developer
Wrote testing tools for automated router/switch configuration (Perl/Tcl/Expect)
Campus Recruiting Team
IBM - Networking Software Division (Research Triangle Park, NC) 1997-1998
Software Developer
Wrote administration software for TCP/IP SNA/APPN networking product (C/C++)
Westinghouse - Process Control Division (now Emerson Process Management) (Pittsburgh, PA) 1996 (summer)
Summer Intern/Software Developer
Wrote enterprise metrics tracking system (HTML/C)
Sani-Dairy (now Dean Foods)(Johnstown, PA) 1995 (summer)
Shipping/Receiving Clerk
Operated Billing System (AS/400)
Concurrent Technologies Corp. (Johnstown, PA) 1994 (summer)
Summer Intern
Prototyped database applications for US Navy (Powerbuilder, Oracle, SGI Irix)


University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA) 2002-2005
Graduate Student/Research Assistant/Teaching Assistant
  • MS Computer Science
  • Research Assistant: HyperCast Group
  • Teaching Assistant: Undergraduate introductory level C++ programming (lecturer, lab assistant, grader)
  • Teaching Assistant: Undergraduate advanced operating systems (lecturer, lab assistant, grader)
  • Class projects: intrusion detection system. super-scalar processor simulator, UNIX shell (Bison)
Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA) 1993-1997
Undergraduate Student
  • BS Computer Science/Mathematics
  • Selected Class Projects: UNIX OS Kernel, 3D Modeler, 3D Renderer (ray-tracing/radiosity), Morphing software (video/credits), data compression algorithm

Open Source

HyperCast P2P networking architecture (search for Greg in the source)

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Sun Certified Java Programmer